1970 Hemi Barracuda, 426 Hemi Engine,
2-4 Barrel carbs, Hurst 4 -speed

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Plymouth 1970 Barracuda
The classic 1970 Plymouth and the 1971 Cuda was the Chrysler Corporation's last serious entry into the muscle car craze of the 1960's and early 1970's.
Even now, I share the dream of many others Plymouth enthusiast of owning a 1970 or 71 Plymouth Hemi' Cuda Convertible. It's super cool 425 cu. in. V8 engine that produced 425 horsepower! Lord willing, I will in the near future. I'm continually looking for the right Cuda. It's hard to find a good Hemi'Cuda Convertible, Plymouth enthusiast are in competition for these cars......

1970,Plymouth Barracuda

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Hemi' Cuda is one of those muscle cars that have definitely withstood the test of time.

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Long Live the 1970 and the 1971 Plymouth Cuda
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