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Plymouth 1968 GTX
The Plymouth 1968 GTX The great American Musclecar and classic car of the late 60's ,big and powerful and often referred to as the gentleman's muscle car.
The GTX was to be an exceptional blend of style and performance. What differentiated it from a normal Belvedere was its special grille and rear fascia, shared with the Satellite, as well as mock hood scoops, chrome "pit stop" fuel filler cap and optional racing stripes. For the performance aspect of the vehicle, a heavy duty suspension system was made standard. Standard too was Plymouth's 440 cu in (7.2 L) V8 called the "Super Commando 440". The engine was rated at 375 hp. In 1967 you could pay an extra $546 and replace the 440 with Chrysler's 426 cu in (7.0 L) Hemi.

In 1968, after one year of production, the GTX was given a completely new look. A new hourglass body replaced the more box-like body of 1967. The Road Runner was introduced by Plymouth as a performance version of the Belvedere. There were major changes made in the design of all the Plymouth B-bodies. The Road Runner's base engine was the new 383 cu in (6.3 L) "Super Commando" V8 (renamed the "Road Runner 383"), while the high performance 440 was still standard in the GTX. The TorqueFlite automatic transmission was standard on the GTX, with it being a $206 option in the Road Runner. The GTX used the Sport Satellite trim and was offered in two models, the two-door convertible and the two-door hardtop. The Road Runner used the Belvedere trim, and had less insulation and comfort items (padding, vinyl roof, trim), which reduced weight, helped produce better track times, and kept it in the low price field.

Classic - Car

1968 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX
1970 Plymouth GTX
Dodge GTX Magnum 440
The Plymouth GTX The great American Musclecar and classic car of the late 60's ,big and powerful and was the Gentleman's Muscle Car.

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