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1969 Plymouth Super Tough 383 Cuda
Plymouth 1969, 383 Barracuda - Billybob Cuda
Classical 1969 Cudas are beautiful cars in themselves. Donít under estimate these cars. Many of them are far more valuable than the newest cars on the market. I'd especially love to have one with the rare 273 cu. in. engine, 4-barrel, and a 4-speed manual trans.
Any one with general mechanical understanding could fix a Cuda. Todayís cars on the other hand are made to be rushed to the mechanic as soon as a problem occurs.
The Barracuda 383 was boosted to 330 hp in 1969 and offered power steering, but only 683 were built.The sport package Cuda was introduced and could be had with the 340 cid with 275 hp or the 383. The muscle Cuda was the 6-pack 440 Roadrunner engine into the pony car which offered 375 hp. But no room for power steering.

You could buy a 1969 Barracuda Convertible
Blackwall Tires 6.95x14
Radio - Solid State AM
Undercoating and Hood Insulator pad
225 cid slant 6  cyl engine.( To your right )
Manual Transmission - 3 Speed
Bucket Seats with Vinyl
Rear Arm Rest 
Ash Tray
Cigar Lighter
Duel Horn
and your total price would be  
less then $3,200 with about $50 sale Tax......
Plymouth 1971 Cuda
225 cid slant 6 cyl engine.
Plymouth 1969 Cuda
1969 Cuda Front End
Plymouth 1969 Cuda
1969 Cuda Rear End
Plymouth 1969 Cuda
1969 Barracuda
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