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Plymouth Dusters

Plymouth Duster
The Duster was the most popular, of the A-body and the Duster offered looks and power with the 340 and the 318 and the price was in budget for most mopar lovers. Was the greatest bang for the buck in the 70's. It's light ( 3100 pounds ) it's one of the lightest cars in the 70's, it handles very well and the Duster will keep up with anything up to Class B. It had a low purchase price and the Duster was a cheap car to repair and cheap to drive. Dusters are great all around cars, and are just as at home on the race tracks as they are on the streets.

1970 - The Duster was created in 1969 for the 1970 model year and was one of the best speed cars of the 70's . Selling for $2,600 or less, weighing a little more them 3,100 lb, and outperforming many big blocks, the 340 Duster high-performance 275 hp engine was not merely an overbored 318, but was designed for performance. The Duster came with the economy slant six (125 or 145 hp with the 198 or 225 cid versions), 318 " V-8" (230 hp).

Plymouth 1970 Duster
1970 Duster
Plymouth 1971 Duster
1971 Duster ( Decal versions )

340 Decal
Plymouth Duster

72 Duster
Plymouth 1972 Duster
1972 Duster

1973 Plymouth Duster 340

1973 Plymouth Duster
1973: The Duster instrument panel was unique and included a tachometer and 150 mph speedometer. Its dual exhaust, four-barrel carburetor, (three speed!), and 3.23:1 rear axle ratio. Put many big-blocks to shame at the stop light and the track.

No " Butts " about it the Dusters is one of the best Musclecars and they are just as at home on the race tracks as they are on the streets and are highly sought by collectors, and go for a fairly stiff premium and received a lot of attention in the last 30 years.

Plymouth 1974 Duster
1974 Duster
I hope this page gives you a pretty clear picture of what it was like in 1970 and I If I could choose any Duster, it'd be the 1971 340, for sure.

Mopar or no car!
P-body 1993 Duster - Reliability Excellent
The car is excellent and reliable transportation for anyone. I would have to say it is the best car I have ever owned. I have never had a single problem with the car and it is a little sporty but not flashy,but able to be seen and won't quit on you. I've taken good care of the Duster and nothing has gone wrong with the car since I've bought it New in 2/13/1993 and the Duster is still running great....... With over 70,000 miles. I would strongly recommend this car to anyone. It is sad that Chrysler discontinued making the Duster. The 93 Duster had a stiffer ride, with 15 inch, 60-series tires. Trunk space is deep and easy to access and is large compared to the competition Escort ,Neon and Civic! This car has tough wheels and a durable suspension and you're less likely to bottom out or hit a road obstruction in a P-body Duster than in any of its competitors like the Escort ,Neon and Civic. Personally, I love the 3.0L V-6 engine in my Duster when it goes to its favorite speeds, which is anything over 70 mph as far as I can tell, having only pegged the speedometer a few time, and I think it is best cruising the highways at 70-100 mph this car really has good performance. . never did had any repairs to that car yet ---- None, not even a turn up job The Green Duster was never a muscle car, though the 3.0L V-6 engine was certainly capable of blowing off a lot of Cavalier, Escort,Corolla SR-5, Accord,etc.

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