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MUSCLE CAR MEMORY: Story by Anthony Ignatious

Stolen Goat

The year was 1972 and I just got out of the Marines. For a whole year I saved every paycheck so I could put it in my '65 GTO red convertible with a 389 ci four-speed. When I got home my Mom broke the news to me that it had been stolen. I had all that money saved up and no car. But I was a Mopar guy at heart and found this cherry 1967 GTX automatic with a warmed -over 440 ci with headers and a mild cam.

Coming from a GM town, driving the Plymouth was considered a sin. I earned a lot of respect one night, however, when I paired off with a 454 Corvette at a place just outside of town in Richwood, West Virginia. I took him twice by two car lengths. I raced at least 10 times that night and the only one to beat was driving, can you believe it, a 1965 GTO. It was no street car by any means with open headers, 4.88 rear end and 10 inch slicks. It was close though, and after the smoke cleared there was a whole new respect for the Plymouth GTX.

I'll always be a hot rodder for life.

A snap shot of my 1965 GTO in Richwood West Virginia
Sweet Camaro
Sweet Camaro
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